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Artificial Grass Products

Our artificial grass products are designed to provide the aesthetic brilliance of a freshly mowed lawn without the need for time-consuming maintenance. Whatever the weather, your turf will look fantastic 24/7 – the lawnmower can stay in the shed.

We supply a range of quality products to cater for all needs:

So whether you’d like lush green turf for children to play around on, or you’d like a surface that won’t be ruined by pets, then we’ve got exactly what you need. Since 2003, we’ve been supplying and installing our market-leading fake grass product range for properties of all types and sizes – our work ethic and our commitment to our customers means you can expect the finest service from start to finish.

For the best artificial grass in Witney, Banbury, Oxford and the wider Oxfordshire area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Easigrass Oxfordshire today.

Easi-Mayfair Easi-Mayfair
  • Premier luxury product
  • Award-winning artificial grass
  • State-of-the-art grass technology
  • Manufactured using two different shapes of yarn, with extra thick supporting infill
Easi-Belgravia Easi-Belgravia
  • Diamond-shape yarn, with supporting infill
  • Ideal for gardens and terraces
  • Lifts shaded areas
  • Natural look and feel
Easi-Chelsea Easi-Chelsea
  • Award-winning artificial grass
  • Dense, cushioned feel
  • Perfect for lawns, patios, terraces and balconies
  • Main structure is made with extra soft yarn
Easi-Kensington Easi-Kensington
  • Two-tone green
  • C-shaped yarn technology
  • Extra thick, high resilience support yarn
  • Versatile, multiapplication grass
Easi-Holland Easi-Holland
  • Stem grass technology
  • Bi-colour grass
  • Ultimate hard-wearing product
  • Designed for heavy footfall
Easi-Specialist Easi-Specialist
  • Short pile height
  • Extremely hard-wearing and durable
  • Designed for heavy traffic areas
  • Low crush, yarn stabilising technology
Easi-Pet Easi-Pet
  • Specifically designed for gardens with pets
  • PU-backed to prevent moisture absorption
  • Two-toned
  • W-shape yarn technology
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